CM Trading Broker Review

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MT4, Sirix
South Africa

Founded back in 2011, in South Africa no less, CMTrading has slowly grown into one of the veterans of the online trading scene. Though only 8 years old, it has managed to build up quite a solid reputation already, testimony to which is provided by the scores of trader feedback portals, where it has earned more than impressive scores.

While the operation first saw the light under the strict regulation of the South African financial authorities, it is nowadays based in Cyprus. It is still licensed and regulated by South Africa’s FSB though…

Before we get to that, let us take a closer look at what actual traders have to say about CMTrading.

As said, most of the user reviews are positive, though there are always a handful of people complaining about various issues.

Some of these people say that the broker manipulates spreads to trigger stop-losses. Others have said that the broker accepts less than the minimum required deposit and then makes off with the money.

CMTrading reps have tried to engage every one of those leaving negative feedback on the operation and they have even alleged that some of these people may in fact work for their competitors.

The bottom line in this regard remains though that there are a lot more positive reviews than negative ones.

The corporate entity pushing the CMTrading brand is Global Capital Market Trading, as well as BLACKSTONE Marketing SA (Pty) Ltd. The credit card transactions of the operation are processed by CMT Processing Ltd.

As already mentioned above, the authority under whose regulatory umbrella the brokerage operates, is South Africa’s Financial Services Board. The license number of the broker is #38782.

Despite the fact that it is not as well-known and prestigious as say the UK’s FCA or Cyprus’ CySEC, the FSB is a very sturdy regulatory authority which holds its licensed brokerages to very strict operating standards. It requires its licensed entities to keep their traders’ funds in segregated accounts for instance.

Why should you though, an assumed rank-and-file trader, open a trading account with this broker?

Well, above everything else, there’s the issue of the above discussed reputation. In this industry, there aren’t many reputable operators, and CMTrading is indeed one of them.

Then, there’s the focus – on the part of the broker – on responsible trading. In this respect, CMTrading aids its traders with an exhaustive Education Section, which features trading videos, eBooks, Webinars, as well as chart analysis (technical analysis).

The broker also allows it traders to learn and practice for free. In addition to the learning center and the trading signals, traders are also given the possibility to automatically copy the trades of their more successful peers. Copy trading is indeed a more than reasonable path to success for many beginner traders out there.

CMTrading also features an outstanding selection of trading platforms, good market coverage, as well as handy account types which cater for the needs of all comers.

CMTrading Account Types

The broker offers 4 account types, of which the most accessible (cheapest) is the Mini Account.

This account type requires a minimum deposit of just $250 and it offers a maximum leverage of 1:400 – which is rather generous indeed.

The Standard Account is what serious traders should go for, in the worst case. Requiring a minimum deposit of $1,000, this one offers access to webinars, it provides a CMT Debit card and it gives traders a risk-free trade.

The maximum available leverage with this account is 1:200.

Those looking for more generous perks, will love the Executive Account, which ups the stakes on the minimum deposit front to $5,000. Providing a substantial trading balance, while remaining quite accessible, this account type offers two risk-free trades, maximum leverage of 1:200 and a VIP CMT Debit card.

Taking the game to a different level still, the Gold Account is aimed exclusively at serious/professional traders. This account type requires a deposit of $25,000. For that money, it offers webinars, 3 risk-free trades, a couple of trading strategies as well as same-day withdrawals and maximum leverage of 1:200.

CM Trading Platforms

The platform-selection of the broker is positively superb. MT4 is the centerpiece of this selection and it makes perfect sense that it should be that.

By far the most capable and popular online trading environment, MT4 is a fully customizable trading solution. It allows traders to bend pretty much everything to their will. They can set up chart templates and they can add third-party technical indicators. The platform even allows for the coding of new technical indicators.

The same goes for EAs and custom scripts. Through the use of these EAs, traders can automate their activity, putting their preferred strategies to work night and day.

One-click trading right off the charts is possible, and the platform supports a wide range of order-types.

In addition to MT4, CMTrading also features an MT4 user manual, which traders can download directly off the site, for free, just like the platform itself. For beginners, the worth of this manual is difficult to appraise.

CMTrading’s Mobile trading app is in essence an MT4 version, tuned for mobile. It – like the full desktop-based platform – is available in several languages, it supports advanced order types, and it features a massive range of technical indicators one can use for analysis.

The information is displayed in an intuitive manner, which is easy on the eyes. The same goes for charting and general trading information.

The CMTrading Sirix CopyCat is said to be powered by some of the world’s best traders. Through this innovative platform, beginners can simply copy the trades of these experts, thus attaining success.

Through CopyCat, one can follow individual traders and then choose to copy them or not. Automatic trade-copying is also possible.

Automatic copying also means that followers can benefit from the setup without having to sit at their computers at all. Whenever the followed trader makes money, the follower cashes in as well.

By following these experts and paying attention to the actual moves that they make, beginners can become experts themselves over time.

Accessibility is one of the most attractive features of this platform. Even those who only deposit $250, can take full advantage of its trade-copying power.

The Sirix Web Trader offers traders a direct path into the world of trading. Requiring no download, this platform option features superb compatibility and it is surprisingly powerful.

Created by Leverate, the platform is said to be an “all-in-one” social trading solution. It too lets traders follow their more experienced peers, copying their trades.

The Web Trader supports some 18 languages and it is also available in native app format for Android- and well as iOS devices.

The Tablet Trader covers this peculiar mobile device type. All traders need to access this platform is their MT4 user name and password.

CM Trading Conclusion

CMTrading is a well-regulated and solid online trading destination. Its reputation among traders is excellent, and its overall trading offer is impressive as well.

As showcased above, the broker’s trading platform selection is nothing short of superb. Social trading is supported, and the market coverage of the broker is great too.

Besides the usual asset-classes, the broker also offers access to a couple of cryptocurrency-based CFDs as well. It has to be noted that traders cannot buy actual cryptos at the brokerage.